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Benefits Of Being An Active Listener- Why It’s Important & How To Do It

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You might consider yourself a good listener, but there’s a big difference between hearing something and paying close attention to it so that you fully grasp what’s being said. Active listening is demonstrated when one listens attentively, processes the information, and then shares their understanding with the speaker.  When carried out properly, this behavior can […]


14 Best Practices for Improving Self Control

Achieving success and accomplishing one’s goals relies heavily on one’s ability to form and maintain positive habits, and this in turn requires a significant amount of discipline, self-control, and the rejection of harmful routines. But it takes a lot of physical and mental discipline to improve yourself, so working on self-control and forming good habits […]


How to Build Up Low Self-Esteem and become Confident

It isn’t always easy to be sure of yourself, especially if you tend to be hard on yourself or if other people put you down. You can take steps to build and keep up your self-confidence, which is good news. Confidence in one’s own abilities is not usually present alongside high self-esteem. You might believe […]


Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser

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Being pleasant and courteous to other people is not in itself wrong. It’s a highly desirable quality, in fact. Yet it’s also something we do when we’re afraid of letting people down or when we try too hard to live up to our own ideals.  Many people-pleasers act in this way on purpose due to […]


6 Signs You Might Actually Be An Introvert

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You’ve always felt different, right? You were the quiet one at school, right? People may have asked you why you don’t talk more. Does that question still come up? Even though introverts may account for anything from 25% to 40% of the population, they often get a bad rap. It’s also worth noting that introversion […]