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Benefits Of Mindful Meditation For Those With ADHD

woman doing yoga pose

I already know what many of you are already thinking –Meditation and ADHD don’t go together -AT ALL. How can anyone with ADHD ever be able to sit still,-let alone, be consistent with something as slow paced like meditation?  These were my exact thoughts too, it didn’t seem possible and honestly seemed like some holistic […]


Spiritual Hygiene: Learn 6 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

a woman meditating with her eyes closed

What is spiritual hygiene? Why is it so essential that we up level our daily practice as we edge closer to the end of what has been one of the most tumultuous years on record? Feelings of anxiety, anger, bitterness, blame, and guilt are constant companions in today’s environment. All of these feelings have such […]


6 Signs of Codependent Behavior in Relationships

displeased black woman with unrecognizable boyfriend during conflict on bed

A healthy relationship is characterized by mutual love and respect. However, in some cases, relationships become unbalanced, with one partner doing the majority of the giving, nurturing, and reliability work while the other partner does little to none of these things. Giving requires selflessness because the giver puts the needs of the receiver ahead of […]


10 Effective Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief

Just take a deep breath. Expand your breath. Every day, all day long, we do this without even giving it a second thought. When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and took a few deep breaths?  Unlikely to occur as often as you believe. Probably not more than a handful of […]


How to Process Painful Emotions

woman wearing white top leaning on wooden wall

Admitting and accepting painful emotions can be challenging. You must be able to recognize and name your emotions in order to work through them and move on. Our culture often instructs us to hide our true feelings and just present the happy ones. But that’s toxic positivity at its finest.  Certain feelings are taboo and […]