About To Be IRENE

About To Be IRENE

To Be IRENE is digital space that was made to encourage and inspire people to live a more peaceful, positive, and prosperous life. We off a range of tips and tricks on how someone can go about their life with a more self-focused approach.

Monet Noel / Founder

Although my name is not Irene that is still what I aim to be. The name comes from the ancient Greek Goddess of peace Eirene (Εἰρήνη). Not only did I find this name to be beautiful and enchanting, but I also found the concept of being the embodiment of peace very uplifting. In this modern world there is a lot of tension and negative going around and at times it feels like things are just getting worst. From this feeling of hopelessness, the idea of creating peace came to my mind. There are times when life can be questionable and feel unbearable, but you need to be strong, kind, supportive, loving, willing and honest. Or to simply put it IRENE.

Feel free to shoot me an email at contact@tobeirene.com or message me on Instagram.

Thank you!