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The Power Of Living In The Moment: How To Do It & Why It’s Necessary

woman in white and red floral dress standing on green grass field

As someone who is almost 30, I have learned that, as much as I work toward all my goals- -whether that be career or person- they will never bring me true happiness. Life is constantly trying to pull me in so many directions that there are moments where I completely lose track of where I […]


Benefits Of Mindful Meditation For Those With ADHD

woman doing yoga pose

I already know what many of you are already thinking –Meditation and ADHD don’t go together -AT ALL. How can anyone with ADHD ever be able to sit still,-let alone, be consistent with something as slow paced like meditation?  These were my exact thoughts too, it didn’t seem possible and honestly seemed like some holistic […]


How To Fight Your Fears & Conquer Your Goals

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It’s simple to act as if fear isn’t holding you back and to find reasons why you haven’t accomplished what you’re capable of. Fear should be used as a motivator, not an excuse for delay; facing your fears requires courage, not avoidance. Assess the most important goal you have. You should have done this by […]


Spiritual Hygiene: Learn 6 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

a woman meditating with her eyes closed

What is spiritual hygiene? Why is it so essential that we up level our daily practice as we edge closer to the end of what has been one of the most tumultuous years on record? Feelings of anxiety, anger, bitterness, blame, and guilt are constant companions in today’s environment. All of these feelings have such […]


13 Hobbies That Encourage Mindfulness & Relieve Stress

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Having a hobby is a fantastic way to keep one’s mind active and your mood positive. They keep us from getting bored and can even provide financial support. Having a mindful hobby is more than merely filling time at home when you’re bored. It’s something you have to work on and become used to doing. […]