10 First Date Red Flags to Watch Out For

April 5, 2022

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It takes a few seconds to decide whether we like someone. But knowing whether they are a good match for us can take ages! Many people spend years in a relationship before realizing it was not worth it. Luckily, you don’t always have to wait for years to find out! From the very first date, you can pay attention to certain details to see whether you are made for each other or not.

Here are ten red flags you shouldn’t ignore on a first date. 

1. Rude to The Waiter

If you worked as a waiter or waitress in the past, you surely know how rude people can be. If your date is disrespectful towards the people serving food, you’d better leave right away. But also pay attention to more subtle details. Do they say ‘thank you’ often? How do they react if the waiter makes a mistake? 

This is probably the only person with whom you will see your date interact throughout the night, so keep an eye open. That’s how they will treat you in a few months, as soon as the magic disappears. 

2. Addicted to Their Smartphone 

You may think that social media addictions are not as terrible as others but trust us, you do not want to start a relationship with someone who cannot stop looking at his/her phone. 

If they always want to show you a video, a meme, or a photo, or, even worse, if they start looking at their phone instead of talking to you, they have a pretty bad addiction to it. You don’t want to start a relationship with someone who already has a toxic one with his/her phone. 

3. Arrive Late

Five minutes is fine, but if they keep you waiting for fifteen minutes or more without an excuse, don’t bother to go out with them. 

If they show up 30 minutes late without warning you, they are taking for granted that you will gladly waste your time waiting for them. You better leave those narcissists alone. 

4. They Don’t Listen

If you’ve been talking for quite some time and they still haven’t made any comments or asked you any questions, it’s because they are not listening. Getting distracted is human, but if they never show any interest in you or your life, then they just don’t care.

5. Showing Signs of Jealousy

We often tend to romanticize jealousy when it comes to relationships. But think about it, jealousy is unacceptable in all other areas of life. Being jealous of our friends’ achievements or other people’s bodies shows a lack of self-esteem.

Guess what? It’s the same when it comes to relationships. Jealousy is just a sign of insecurity, and although it is a natural feeling, people should be able to deal with it instead of acting upon it. If on the very first day they show signs of jealousy, it’s probably because they are way too possessive and insecure. 

6. They Expect You to Pay for Everything 

In many countries, the guy is expected to offer the first drink or meal. However, if your date keeps ordering tons of food or pushes you to go to an expensive bar and then refuses to share the bill, that’s a red flag!

People who don’t give value to money tend to be very materialistic, not to mention the complete lack of consideration for your financial situation. Move away!

7. Everything is About Them

Narcissists are everywhere! These people not only can never stop talking about themselves but will turn whatever you say into something about them. This shows a complete lack of empathy that you do not want in a partner. Whenever you will be in a difficult time, they will start talking about their own past issues instead of listening to you. Nope, thanks! 

8. Don’t Have Interests

They never have preferences and are always ok with whatever you choose. Even worse, whatever topic you bring to the table, they have nothing to say about it. Being easy going is very different from being boring. Communication is the most important thing in a couple. But how can you communicate when there is nothing to say?

Trust us, in the long run, your relationship will be so boring that you will regret having started it. 

9. They Drink too Much

We’ve all got a bit tipsy on a first date. This is absolutely normal, especially if both of you are having fun. But if your date is too tipsy and you’re still sober, there’s something wrong. Either they are not comfortable, or they are trying to drink their stress away. Solving your problems with alcohol points to a lack of maturity, which you don’t want in a partner. 

10. Lack of Chemistry

Not all couples are the same, and some people need more than a date to create the right chemistry. But if on the first date you already shared too many embarrassing silences and run out of conversation topics, it’s probably not meant to be

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