40 Self-Compassion Journaling Prompts for Self Care

September 26, 2023

Taking time to take care of yourself should be your top priority in a world that often feels like a whirlwind of demands and expectation. Self-compassion journaling helps you explore your inner world, accept your flaws, and celebrate your success small and big.

You don’t have to be perfect to practice self-compassionate. You just have to remember that you are just like everyone else and deserve love, care and forgiveness, even from yourself.

Journaling gives you a safe and sacred place to get to know your true self more deeply.

We’ve put together 40 self-compassion journaling prompts to help you take care of yourself by learning more about your self. Each prompts is designed to gently push you to think, grow and build a more caring relationship with yourself.

So, grab your journal, find a cozy corner, and let’s start this journey of self compassion together.

Exploring Your Inner World

Your mind is like a treasure chest full of ideas, feelings, and experiences that are just waiting to be found. These self-compassion journaling prompts will help you start to peel back the layers of who you are and really understand yourself.

Reflecting on Your Emotions

1. What kinds of feelings have I had lately?
2. How do these emotions affect my well-being?

Self-Discovery Questions

3. What are my core values and beliefs?
4. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Navigating Self-Talk

5. What kinds of negative thoughts do I need to change?
6. How can I reframe negative thoughts?

Practicing Gratitude and Self-Love

Here we are at the part of our self-compassion journaling journey where we talk about gratitude and loving ourselves. It’s important to fill your heart and soul with love and appreciation for the world around you and for the unique person you are.

Gratitude Journaling

7. List five things you’re grateful for today
8. Write a thank-you letter to yourself.

Self-Love and Acceptance

9. What do I love most about myself, both physically and mentally?
10. How can I be kinder to myself during challenging times?

Letting Go

In this part of our journey, we’ll be exploring the deep acts of forgiving and letting go. Forgiving and letting go of burdens can help self-compassion grow, just like cleaning a canvas before painting a masterpiece.

Forgiving Yourself

11. What past mistakes am I struggling to forgive myself for?
12. How can I release guilt and move forward with self-compassion?

Letting Go of Resentment

13. Who or what am I holding onto with resentment?
14. How can I release this resentment for my own peace?

Prioritizing Self-Care

Setting healthy boundaries and learning how to put yourself first are important parts of this part of our journey. You can think of this as a map that helps you live a more balanced and kind life.


15. What boundaries do I need to establish or reinforce in my life?
16. How can I prioritize self-care without feeling guilty?

Saying No with Compassion

17. How can I communicate my boundaries with kindness?
18. What commitments or duties should I think about not keeping?

Cultivating Self-Compassion Through Affirmations

Through the power of affirmations, we will start this part of our journey to learn how to be kind to ourselves. Think of these affirmations as the positive winds that help you move forward on your path to self-compassion.

Creating Self-Compassion Affirmations

19. Write down three affirmations that help you be kind to yourself.
20. How can you incorporate these affirmations into your daily routine?

Handling Inner Critic

As we continue on with self-compassion journaling prompts, we will face our inner critic and learn to accept our human frailties. Think of this as a heroic showdown with your inner critic and a loving embrace of your authentic, flawed self.

Taming Your Inner Critic

21. What does my inner critic say to me most often?
22. How can I respond to my inner critic with self-compassion?

Embracing Imperfection

23. In what areas of my life am I striving for perfection?
24. How can I embrace imperfection and acknowledge my progress?

Practices of Caring About Yourself

This next leg of our trip will take us into the wonderful realm of self-care practices and the magic of doing nice things for yourself.

Nurturing Self-Care Rituals

25. What self-care rituals bring me comfort and joy?
26. How can I incorporate these rituals into my daily life?

Acts of Self-Kindness

27. List three small acts of kindness you can do for yourself this week.
28. How does practicing self-kindness improve your well-being?

Mindfulness Tips and Tricks

Here, we are going to immerse ourselves in the peaceful waters of mindfulness and investigate how it beautifully intertwines with self-compassion.

Mindful Self-Compassion

29. How can I be more mindful of my thoughts and emotions?
30. How does mindfulness support self-compassion?

Deep Breathing Benefits

31. Try a five-minute compassionate breathing exercise.
32. Reflect on how this practice made you feel.

Building Confidence

During this part of our journey, we are going to face the shadows of our own self-doubt and illuminate the path toward building confidence that cannot be shaken.

Self-Doubt Exploration

33. What are the roots of my self-doubt?
34. How can I challenge and overcome self-doubt with self-compassion?

Confidence-Building Affirmations

35. Create a list of affirmations that boost your confidence.
36. How can you incorporate these affirmations into your daily routine?


By reflecting on yourself, you’re using its power to light the way to personal growth. You understand that being kind to yourself doesn’t mean being perfect; it means enjoying your journey and the progress you make along the way.

Tracking Personal Growth

37. Think about how far you’ve come in the past year.
38. What goals do you want to set for your own growth in the future?

Celebrating Achievements

39. Write down five things you’re proud of, no matter how big or small they are.
40. How can you celebrate and honor your successes while still being kind to yourself?


We’ve reached the end of our self-compassion journaling journey. What an amazing journey it’s been!

We hope you learned so much more about yourself and learned to love and accept yourself. Before you leave, let’s take a moment to think about the path you’ve been on and the one that lies ahead.

Your path to self-compassion goes on, and there are many more things that could happen. May you find yourself, love yourself, and feel compassion for the amazing person you are along your path.

Write in your journal every day, grow, and keep shining your beautiful light into the world! 🌟✨

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