8 ways to Exercise Mindfulness When Venting to a friend

February 2, 2022

One of the primary reasons people vent is to alleviate tension. Positive venting may lower stress levels, however negative venting can raise stress levels even more and raise physical health risks. So, to make ranting to your buddies a little simpler, here are some suggestions on how to get the conversation started by exercising mindfulness when venting.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Write Your Ideas Down First
  2. 2. Choose the Right Person to Talk to
  3. 3. Know What You Want from the Conversation
  4. 4. Location, location, location
  5. 5. Find the Right Time
  6. 6. Test the Waters
  7. 7. Understand Listener’s Reactions
  8. 8. Take Action
    1. In Conclusion

1. Write Your Ideas Down First

When you’re first trying to express your feelings, you may not be able to find the right words. Writing it down on paper can help you collect your thoughts and emotions.

There may be moments when you feel as though your ideas are too muddled to put into words. ‘Stream of consciousness’ writing, in which you establish a time limit and write whatever comes to mind within that period, may be helpful in this situation.

2. Choose the Right Person to Talk to

Talk to someone you can trust and who won’t criticize you over this!

Try recalling the occasions in your life when you’ve had a difficult experience to help you choose a potential partner.

Who stood with you when you needed them? Who had any sound advice?

3. Know What You Want from the Conversation

Is this a genuine need for assistance, or are you just venting?

Starting a discussion with the phrase “I’m not searching for assistance; I really just need to vent” may be helpful to avoid becoming frustrated by someone who tries to supply answers you’re not looking for.

4. Location, location, location

You may rant in person or over the phone, by text message, or by online chat. However, refrain from doing so in front of others through social media!

At some point, you may not want others to know how you were feeling at a certain time since the internet is permanent. It’s impossible to tell who will view your message, and you definitely don’t want anybody interfering with useless or cruel comments.

5. Find the Right Time

Ensure that your companion’s whole focus is on you. It’s a good idea to enquire about their availability so you can be sure you have their full focus. When you Exercise mindfulness of others’ time and attention, that means they will do the same for you.

6. Test the Waters

Take your time and don’t feel pressured to provide every detail immediately. Slowing down might help you avoid being misinterpreted and disclosing more information than you’d want to your buddy. As the talk progresses, be sure to check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling.

If you’re beginning to become a little uncomfortable, it’s perfectly OK to stop venting!

7. Understand Listener’s Reactions

Remember that some people’s first emotions may stem from shock, surprise, or a lack of confidence in what to say. Their first response isn’t necessarily indicative of their long-term reaction; it may just take some time for them to comprehend the new information.

Good communication can only work if bother parties are willing to listen mindfully. While you might be feeling a storm of emotion and need to get it off your chest, so does your counterpart.

8. Take Action

Venting by itself may not be sufficient to address your issue. Various resources are available to assist those who desire to transform their lives.

If you’re seeking for information about mental health and wellbeing, here is a wonderful place to start.

In Conclusion

Having a friend to speak to, about your issues can be such a blessing, and since it’s such a privilege you must utilize it mindfully. When you exercise mindfulness when venting to a friend, you are able to increase your awareness of your emotions and your friend’s emotions.

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