3 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart After a Break-Up

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In the romantic comedy, “The Break-Up,” Jennifer Aniston’s character Brooke and her live-in boyfriend Gary, played by actor Vince Vaughn, decide to end their long-term relationship, but continue to cohabit in the condo they purchased together while sorting out the plan to separate.

However, along the way, they purposefully devise schemes to make the other one jealous, while at the same time, secretly hoping to reconcile and remain as a couple, which – spoiler alert – they don’t.  

But the takeaway is that the love between the two was so intense that even in the midst of dismantling their obviously toxic relationship – and mistreating each other in the process – it was still difficult for them to move on and accept the reality that their chapter as a twosome was over.

So, how do you cope when you find yourself still pining for a person that you’re no longer with? Let’s go over three helpful tips on how to get over a breakup so you may heal from the loss of your relationship and move forward.

Cleanse Your Social Media

You will never be able to mend your broken heart if you’re following your ex’s every move on social media. In fact, scrolling through their pictures and seeing who’s leaving comments will only make you feel worse and delay your healing. Therefore, delete, unfriend, and unfollow.

 Don’t lie to yourself thinking you can handle being “just friends” when you know that’s not the case. A clean break means a fresh start. Your mental health will thank you.

Immerse Yourself in Support

One of the best pieces of relationship advice for women is to surround yourself with supportive family and friends. Since women typically are the more social of the sexes, you’ll most likely find comfort in the presence of others who appreciate and acknowledge the value that you bring to their lives.

Those in your circle should provide a space where you are safe to freely express your feelings regarding your ex without judgment.

Be Active… Then Be Still

Moving your body helps to release those feel-good hormones that inevitably boost your mood, reinvigorate your mind, and keep you healthy and fit, which will increase your confidence. With a heightened sense of self, you will be more emotionally fortified to better handle those tough days when thoughts of your ex unintentionally cross your mind.

But also recognize and find comfort in knowing that you don’t always have to fill up every minute of the day with activities. It’s not wallowing in self-pity to reflect on the good times or cry about what you’ve lost.

The ending of a relationship is devastating and is akin to a death, so allow yourself to go through the various stages of grief, but just don’t let the sadness prevent you from experiencing the daily joys of life.

As much as you wish that love was like a light switch you could simply flip on and off to ease your sorrow; alas, you cannot. To reap the rewards of love, you have to take the risk and be vulnerable, and with that comes the chance of getting your heart broken. But with the disappointment of a failed relationship comes a significant growth opportunity, that when taken, the future ahead looks a lot brighter than what you left behind

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