Spiritual Hygiene: Learn 6 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

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What is spiritual hygiene? Why is it so essential that we up level our daily practice as we edge closer to the end of what has been one of the most tumultuous years on record?

Feelings of anxiety, anger, bitterness, blame, and guilt are constant companions in today’s environment. All of these feelings have such a low energy frequency that they can’t possibly improve our state of mind, body, or spirit. Our minds are under enormous strain, and if we don’t take steps to relax, soothe, and rebalance them, the world around us will begin to fall apart.

What Is “Spiritual Hygiene”?

Although the term “spiritual hygiene” may be familiar, few people truly know what it.

Hence, you must first understand what spiritual hygiene is before you can begin practicing it. You can’t appreciate the effects it has on your life until you know it exists. The scientific truism that “energy can not be generated nor destroyed” was taught to us in high school for a reason.

All major world faiths and civilizations agree on the need of practicing good spiritual hygiene. The Chinese refer to it as Chi, while Christianity draws inspiration from the Kemetic spiritual system.

Even if you can’t see it, everything around you is in continual motion. This means that the energy may be transferred from one living thing to another. There is a current of spiritual cleanliness that permeates every one of us (and connects all of us).

6 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

1. Be Creative

Creativity is a way to connect with your inner self through all six senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, and the non-rational intuitive knowing and perception.

Creativity encourages you to look at things in a different way every day. Moments of inspiration seem to stretch on forever.

2. Meditation

Most people turn to meditation as their primary method of maintaining their spiritual cleanliness. To step it up a notch, pretend you’re giving your mind and body a refreshing invigorating bath. 

Let the positive energy of the Universe wash over you as you observe the negative energies being washed away from your physical and energetic environment.

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3. Set Boundaries 

Setting up appropriate boundaries for ourselves is crucial to our spiritual well-being, but we may not immediately make that connection when we discuss boundaries. 

Whereas the benefits of limits to our mental and emotional health have been well-studied, the negative effects of improperly drawn boundaries on the spiritual plane have received less attention.

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4. Connect With Nature

When combined, spirituality and nature have an unparalleled capacity to bring about personal growth and healing. Feeling at one with the planet is possible via genuine connection.

We share the same spiritual origin with all other living things in the universe. You can strengthen your bond with the Divine and with the earth, its elements, and the incomparable healing qualities of nature by incorporating spiritual activities with natural healing methods.

5. Stay Grounded

Getting your spiritual feet firmly planted on the ground is a powerful way to achieve mental, physiological, and emotional stability. To be fully present in the moment, it helps to have a sense of personal stability.

A person’s spirituality and vitality can benefit by learning to ground themselves. You are as easily swayed, knocked down, or blown away as a little thing in the wind if you are not firmly planted in the here and now.

6. Be Alone

Time alone is crucial no matter what’s going on. You can recharge your own batteries and concentrate solely on yourself.

While we’re by ourselves, there’s no one nearby to cloud our judgment or influence our decisions.

Block off some time on the calendar for some contemplation and reflection in private. When you give this my full attention, you feel revitalized, joyful, and rooted, and you are able to put my empathic abilities to good use.

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Why Do You Need A Spiritual Hygiene Routine?

The individuals you surround yourself with might have an effect on your mood. Did you ever sense anything change in you after giving someone a hug or having a meaningful conversation with them? We face challenges and criticism every day. 

One cannot go through life without encountering difficulties and/or being exposed to bad influences. Negative energy, including your own, can accumulate and cause problems in the form of blocked chakras and stymied goals if you don’t regularly release it.

If, on the other hand, you have healed yourself and/or have strong empathic abilities, you will attract those who are in need of healing. Hence, I disagree with the adage “you are who you attract” to some level. In a world full of sick and hurting people, it’s inevitable that healers will draw a crowd. You must purify yourself whenever you absorb their energy.

In Conclusion 

As fellow earthlings, we have an innate bond. It’s easy to believe that no one else shares our experiences or feelings while we’re going through tough circumstances. 

The reality is that we probably all have at least some things in common with other people. In fact, bonding over adversity is a powerful force for good.

Even in a supportive environment like an intentional community, it’s important to be mindful of where you allow your energy to go. People tend to reveal too much about themselves on social media, especially when it comes to matters of health and religion.

Although showing vulnerability might help others see your strength, not everyone has the right to see you that way. Limiting the people who can access your full being is an important aspect of keeping your energy safe. 

Setting limits does not mean you have to compromise your authenticity. Some of our most potent expressions occur when we keep them to ourselves.

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