6 Inspiring Way to Connect With Your Higher Self

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Your Higher Self is your true essence, your inner god, your divine nature. The purpose of living a spiritual life is to connect more with your inner god, the infinite part of yourself. Most of the time we are completely disconnected from that force. However, you can learn how to connect with our Higher Self, and that force will express more frequently in your lives.

So, here is a how-to guide on how to connect with your higher self.

Meditate to reach Higher Self

Meditation opens a channel between the human and the divine. It is both a practice and a state of consciousness. The practice of meditation is a complete process.

First, you have to relax your physical body.  Let go of stress and fear. The body has to be fully relaxed.

Then, relax your mind. This means ceasing the inner chatter, silencing your thoughts. You can achieve this with deep breaths.

 Inhale deeply, hold your breath, exhale slowly, hold your breath again. Repeat as much as needed. Repeat until your thoughts cease.

 When your mind is completely quiet, you can start to connect with your higher self.

Once your mind is quiet, you can focus on a single point. For example, you can concentrate on a mantra, your breathing, your brow chakra, or your heart.

When you achieve a perfect state of focus, you can experience meditation. When you learn to meditate, it is one of the most direct ways to communicate with your higher self.

Sometimes we experience difficulties in our lives, and we can’t stop thinking. However, meditation can help you clear your mind and allow yourself to connect with the answer you need. It’s all about stopping the inner chatter.

Fight the Ego

In Buddhist traditions, the ego is ” “the sense of separate self”. In Western terms, it is what we think we are.

We experience ourselves as individuals because we are trapped in a physical body. That makes us think that we deserve more than other people, or we identify with the events that we experience every day.

If something happens to us, our ego says “Why does this happen to ME?”.

But If you want to awaken, you need to live from a perspective of higher consciousness, rather than being confined by constructs of lower consciousness and the ego.

Social dogmas keep us trapped in this world of illusion. We need to release the old so a new consciousness can enter.

Ego death means dissolving that sense of a separate self to become one with your Higher-self. That means to start activating your consciousness, so your ego can’t take control of your life.

If you want to dissolve the ego and awaken your consciousness, you have to reflect on what you do every day. That means your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Frequently ask yourself where do they come from.

When you yell at others because they insulted the person you think you are, ask yourself why did you accept those words. Why did they make you angry?

Self-reflection and self-observation are the first steps to dissolving the ego. Then, you have to stop doing what the ego makes you do.

Connect With the Divine

Maybe you can’t see right now, but there are a lot of forces surrounding us. That includes both negative and positive forces.

Those positive forces include your spirit guides, such as your guardian angels or ascended masters. They are always looking out for you. They want you to awaken your consciousness and seek a spiritual path.

However, while one’s consciousness is not active, one can’t contact their guides. They are there, but they can’t do much If we don’t allow them to help.

You can connect with them with practices such as meditation, prayer, astral projection, or paying attention to your dreams.

The best way to contact them is by astral projecting and contact them. However, you can also do the following practice:

Sit down, relax your body, focus on your heart, and intend to achieve a meditative state. Then, call your guides. Ask them to accompany you and show you the path. Ask them to show you what you need to change and how to awaken your consciousness. They will allow you to feel their presence in some way or another.

Learn from Everything You Experience

It’s essential to understand that everything happens for a reason. Our purpose as souls in this physical world is to learn from this experience to evolve and ascend. Every event in our lives is there to show us something we need to change about ourselves.

Most people complain when they experience difficult situations in their lives. They say “Why me?”. If you do that, it won’t take you far.

Instead, ask yourself, “what can I learn from this?”. Understand that you are the creator of your life: you reap what you sow.

When someone understands that, life won’t become easier, but there will be less suffering. Instead, one can start to see life as a school and enjoy the process of learning.

To achieve this, it is important to develop a sense of responsibility. That means understanding our place in the world and seeing that we create our reality. The external events in our life depend on our state of mind.

Serve Others, Spread the Light

He who illuminates the path of others illuminates his path.

When you help those in need, you start to awaken your consciousness. Those ascended masters that came to this physical plane, dedicated their lives to helping others.

Serving others is a natural part of our Higher Selves. If we want to connect with our Higher selves, we need to allow the divine to express itself through ourselves, the human part.

That means doing as much charity as possible, helping others as much as possible, and spreading that light as much as we possibly can.

Ignoring the needs of others or looking for excuses not to help them separates us from our true essence.

Learn To Be Mindful

Your Higher Self can only express with a completely quiet mind, and when you are fully in the present moment.

Most of the time, the mind is busy thinking about the future or the past. If we are not worried about what comes next, we suffer because of what happened before.

This way, only our egos can express.

That’s why it’s necessary to learn to live in the present. Meditation is essential for this, but it also implies living mindfully at any given moment.

Learn to eat mindfully, walk mindfully, breathe mindfully, work mindfully. In other words, learn to be as present as you can. Don’t let your mind wander between the future and the past. Don’t let it control you.

It’s easier said than done, of course, but learning to be mindful, as awakening your consciousness, is a process. You will start to be more mindful every day as you start working towards that purpose.

Living mindfully will help you to live a happier, healthier life. Instead of overthinking or being overwhelmed all the time, you can choose to enjoy the present as it is.

The same happens with connecting with your Higher Self. It’s an ongoing journey, but once you begin to connect more and more with your true essence, you will live happier and peacefully.

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