10 Mindful Things to do for a Couples Night-in

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Why is it important for couples to be mindful? Do you and your partner feel like you’re drifting apart? Has the stress of life been making it hard for you to be together?

If you or your partner are not paying attention, it could hurt your relationship in the long run. When two people are together, sometimes things get tense. This is fine. But things won’t get better if you don’t work to ease the tension, figure out what makes it happen, and instead practice togetherness and compassion.

1. Cook a meal together

Cooking together takes teamwork and makes you feel like you’re all in it together. This reminds you why you love each other and how much you want to take care of each other. Putting together a meal together can make you feel like a team that has each other’s backs. A healthy relationship requires that both people know they can work together and talk to each other.

Preparing food together is a great way to get to know each other better. You might remember something or think of a story because of the dish you are making. Food can make you talk about your childhood, your travels, or other interesting things you wouldn’t normally share.

The closer you are, the more you know about each other. If you or your partner are shy about opening up, cooking together can be a safe way to start conversations that lead to more in-depth talks.

2. Take a nature walk

Researchers have found that when a couple walks together, they naturally move in sync with each other. This makes them feel more connected and encourages them to work together to solve problems.

It’s possible that couples who walk together are more likely to work out their problems while walking. When you’re together at home, you might just stare at the TV or get caught up in your phone. But a daily walk is a great way to talk and catch up.

A University of Michigan study found that even a twenty-minute walk in nature can lower the amount of stress hormones in your blood. And since your stress level directly affects the quality of your relationship, more walking means more room for love.

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3. Binge watching

When they watched an episode together on the couch, they got closer physically. The plot’s twists and turns were something that both groups were interested in.

Choose a TV show or movie that has a special meaning for both of you. Set aside some time this week to watch it together and talk about what makes it special.

If you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, you can still bond and spend time together by watching a show together. You can watch an episode of your favorite show together and talk about it over a video call at the same time.

4. Do yoga

Yoga is more than just a set of physical moves. It’s how people live. It can change how you feel about yourself and how you feel about the people around you. When it comes to making healthy relationships, the connection between love and yoga is the key to success.

Yoga not only helps you learn more about yourself, but it also brings you into the present. This lets you connect with other people in a more genuine way and see the world with more compassion.

Couples yoga classes can help improve your intimacy and overall sex life. Studies have shown that yoga can enhance women’s sexuality and also help those that are struggling with sexual dysfunction.

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5. DIY home project

Unless you or your spouse is a professional contractor, home improvement projects use a different part of your brain than your regular work. This means you don’t have to sit at a computer all day. You can instead stimulate the part of your brain that learns best from doing things.

Working on a project with your partner can help you remember how well you and your partner work together. If this isn’t a strength of your marriage, it can give you a chance to practice working together in a low-stakes situation.

When you do a do-it-yourself project with your spouse, you get to use your creativity with the person who will benefit the most from it.

6. Have a spa day 

Taking time out of your busy life to relax and unwind is an important part of taking care of yourself when life gets stressful and hard. But it can be nice to have someone else take care of you sometimes.

When your partner is feeling stressed, the most romantic thing you can do is plan a DIY spa day for them. Not only can you help your partner relax by giving them a spa treatment at home, but it’s also a great way to get to know each other better.

If you haven’t given many massages before, it’s natural to worry that you won’t do it “right.” However, there is no one “right” way to give a massage, and you don’t need to be a certified massage expert to do a great job.

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7. Indoor picnic

The new cool thing to do is to stay in. Even more so when staying in means cuddling up with your sweetheart while eating cheese from a big board and drinking wine. Some of the most beautiful memories are made in small, simple places.

A living room picnic has a lot of good points. The first thing is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to move food, drinks, and decorations either. At-home date nights are a great way to show that you and your partner can have fun together without spending a lot of money.

8. Write love letters 

Writing a love letter to someone you’ve been with for a long time can be a great way to reaffirm or even rekindle your love. Love letters keep the relationship new and exciting for both people. Not only does it remind you of how you feel about them, but it also lets them know that you still do. Aside from that, it helps them remember how they feel about you.

A love letter can be a chance to take a step back, feel your feelings, and show your partner some serious affection, especially if it’s not something you usually do together.

If your relationship seems to be losing its spark in any way, writing about how you feel can bring it back. When you tell your partner how you feel, you keep the lines of communication open and break down any walls that may have formed.

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9. Meditate together

Meditation makes you more forgiving, less angry, and less stressed, all of which make for better relationships. And if you meditate together as a couple, you can both learn healthy new skills that will help your relationship and feel closer to each other because you are both taking care of your health.

Taking deep breaths together and syncing your breaths can also bring you closer. And listening to each other on any level is important for understanding and feeling empathy. These things lead to love and trust, which are two of the strongest parts of any relationship, especially romantic or long-term ones.

Remember that meditation is a practice, and that it’s important to do it every day. Being responsible to your partner can make you both more likely to help each other. It’s a great chance to support each other and stay committed to your practice and to each other.

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10. Play board or card games

Board games are a great choice for couples, whether you want to relive some fun childhood memories, try something new on a date, or just kill some time.

Studies show that couples whose love life is better because they play board games together. A Baylor University study found that couples who played board games together made more of the chemical oxytocin.

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